How do you get the front sprocket off??

Flatten washer, leave chain on, step on rear brake, loosen nut with wrench/socket/etc....

im with the chain/brake system. been doing it for years.

Me too. Chain/Brake works just fine.

a real mechanic uses a 1/2 inch air impact wrench on this. the shock from the air impact gun wont hurt the trans but its not a bad idea to put the bike in neutral. its also helpful to keep the chain on untill the nut is off.


I use a 1/2" impact gun but if you're not used to using one every day you may want to tighten it back up by hand with a torque wrench... an impact gun can easily twist the end of the shaft off if you're not used to using that gun.

Is there any tips?

Where are you stuck? You have to flatten the washer and then loosen the bolt. If the bolt is stuck then put it in neutral and use an air impact wrench and it will come right off. Put it in neutral to isolate the tranny from the shock of the air gun, the counter shaft has plenty of mass [inertia] that the air gun will still work fine.

I gotta do it

For those hard to remove items

I always use me trusted and proven Lil Buddie

Of course use with caution :)

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