Hey Everyone. I just bought a used (not really) YZ426F. It has MAYBE 15 hours on it. Is there any known things about this bike I should keep an eye out for/change? If ya would let me know I'd appreciate it.


Welcome to TT...

You'll love this place!

Check both of these threads (posted a few days ago in this forum)-they should help.

"Newbie has some setup ????"

"Check the following if your bike is a year old"

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What year is it? If it is an '01 or '02, nothing beyond the posts already mentioned. If it is an '00 you have some other specific things to look for (CB gear key, clutch springs, BK mod).

Hey. Thanks for the replies. It is a 2001 bike. I actually already love this place. I used to have an XR250 and that's the threads I hung out at but I had to make a new name to match the bike!


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