repair manuals where can i get them

My yz 400 didnt come with a book and i just wanted to know where the best place to get one is. i know of repair but i didnt know if there was anywhere else

I would only recommend the factory Yamaha manual. It is fairly expensive but well worth it.

where do i go to get one of those

I saw a few on ebay :thumbsup:

Depending on what you want it for, you could also download the 426 manual from motoman393 site Motoman393

I would recommend the standard Yamaha factory manual (you can download it from motoman393 site, or if you want to go cheaper, the Clymer manual (your dealer should be able to get one for you (in the Tucker Rocky catalog, or check on eBay around $20).

The cheapest i have found the clymers manual and its way better than the owners manual is Here For 19.95 + shipping it comes in about 2 days.. Very well illustrated with lots of info.

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