Rampart Video

I posted this in the General Forums and forgot to put it here.

Nick at www.dirtcams.com (TT member Squidward) is hosting this and asked that you right click and "Save Target As" to save bandwidth. It's about 22mb. Thanks for all the help Nick on getting me started with transferring video's.


Sweet vid Vmax... which trail is that? Didn't look familiar. Looks like you had pretty awesome conditons though!


sweet footage :thumbsup:

do they let 4x4s in there?

Sweet!! You even caught it on a day with some mostiure on the trail :thumbsup:

No 4X4 or Canadians allowed :devil:, just kidding.

vmax this is pretty sweet. Is there anyway that you would share with me what cameras you used for this. IE helmet cam and Camcorder. I am looking to get set up with all that and so far that is the best quality that I have seen. Thanks.

Good video. Thanks. Looks like a fun trail.

Merf, I’m pretty sure it’s 686. We start at the beginning of Rampart Range road, ride the Powerline down about 2 miles and cross over the road and head East. The beginning of the trail has the pavers as you decend. We have a great 50 mile loop we try to do early in the morning and get back before it gets too crowded. Conditions were unreal, it must have rained up there a ton the night before. There was standing water all over the trail and I had to back off from my buddies because I was getting plastered with mud, rocks and wet sand. The only thing that sucked was the trail got washed out in places and I ate it about 5 minutes before this video. I went way down off the trail and it took me quite a bit of work to get the bike back up so I was pretty tired. I have another video of me riding behind the guys and it ends with me wrecking and the camera going blank since I smashed the helmet cam battery pack. I'll see if Nick has room to post it later.

Simon, no 4x4's in there. The trail used to be single track but the quads have widened a lot of it so now some areas are almost 40" with whoops and rocks. The trail is a whole lot rougher than it looks and the weird thing is that you can't tell that there is quite a bit of vertical change. It all looks like it's somewhat flat.

Comp182, I bought the www.helmetcamera.com 380 Extreme kit and it's hooked to a Canon ZR60 cam corder. I bought the camcorder off Ebay for $200 and I didn't realize that it was a little tough to start the recording and it does not have LANC which allows you to get a remote start stop button. Look for a model with this feature, the older ZR series have it and they are much cheaper than the Sony's. I watched it on my 35" sony tv and it's plenty clear but I like watching it on a smaller TV since it sort of makes you sick there's so much movement.

As far as quality of the video, it's a numbers game. TT member Squidward has helped me a LOT and I'm still playing with importing the video. My wife is getting pissed since I'm spending so much time on it. Basically, the import is WAAAAYYYYY higher quality than what I posted. The key is to get something that looks decent but doesn't get too large. This could have been much higher resolution and I did one at home but it ended up being 500mb. :thumbsup:

I downloaded Microsoft Movie Maker 2 off of their site and tried one last night and it was easier than the software I used to make the above video with the same quality.

> The beginning of the trail has the pavers..

Ok, I know where you were... that's one of best trails up there. I like to rail it, but there's always too much traffic to really let it hang out.

Endurodog and I have the same camera setup but both of us have cameras with the LANC connection and I agree, it's a pain without it.


We usually get there and start riding about 7:30 am or so and get done around 11:00 am. Just as all the people are showing up.

I posted on the Rocky Mountain section that some guy had ridden behind Sprucewood and over to Waterton Canyon. Crap like this is going to get Rampart shut down. I asked Bryan Bosch to forward this info with the guys name to the Forest Service. Not sure if he'll do it or not but it's worth a try. :thumbsup:

I wish we had those kinda trails here in Texas!! Our trails have really bad drainage, and they're really wide, and not much fun, they're fun on a Raptor, but on a dirtbike, they stink, they are usually flooded from one end to the other anyway, we get to ride em about once a year :lol::awww::D:thumbsup: That looks like alot of fun, I like railin trails to and throwin roost in your buddy's face :devil:

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