My graphics that came with my 1999 yz400 are going to crap and i figured at least one of you guys had to know where to find the coolest graphics for a 400 thanks

thanks ill check them out


Check Ebay, look under Yamaha 426, YZ 426, YZ426, YZF426, etc. You will find the latest Yamaha of Troy (Boost Mobile) graphics, they are now available for the older models. Good luck!


If you want a full Team set (I just bought one for my 99). Motosport is running the 04 Hot wheels kits for $99 it includes decals for tank, rad shrouds,fork guards,airbox.front fender, rear fender, swingarm and seat cover. If you need them all it's a pretty good buy.


I like the Mach 1 graphics that ezra runs, I think thats what im gonna run on my 04 450.

yup!Ive got the mach-1s on my 03 and like them a lot!So much so that this is my 2nd set of them!I get them off ebay for 90.00 a set,at least this time i did.I see where btm has droped the price on them to a 100.00,my 1st set was 169.00 OUCH!But they were new and i got them from one ind


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