Brand New WR450F

Yup, just picked it up yesterday. Got the Canadian version and saved lots of $$. Ive been researching the WR for about 3-months and really thank everyone who posts regularly on this site. It's really valuable information and thanks again to everyone that answered all the questions I had. But, I have more:

1) Didn't think about this at the time but the odo is in kilometers. You guys that have the "Eh" bikes what do you do about this?

2) That SS silencer weighs a ton. Is the YZF silencer alot lighter? And will it fit? How 'bout the side number plate from a YZ? I'm sure it doesn't bulge out like the WR. Has anyone changed over to a YZF silencer with an aftermarket end cap to keep down the noise?

3) Coming off a KTM and I like the bars. Any of you guys know what aftermarked bars are similar to KTM 7/8" bars? CR highs maybe?

4) Everthing I've read says the suspension, front and back, does not flow enough oil. What is the preferred suspension shop/method. Factory connection quoted $650 for valving including replacement of fork and shock springs. Gold Valves and springs from Race Tech (parts only) are more than this. I ride "B" senior east coast enduros. Thoughts??



What made you step down from a KTM to a Yamaha? Just curious because I'm researching my next new ride now. :thumbsup:

My KTM is a 2000 250EXC and I'm tired of putting money in it. It is the best handling bike I've ever owned but between the fouled plugs and KTM quirks everyone seems to live with It's time to go. The KTM 450 is just to expensive for my tasts and I think the Yamaha is a close second. Stepping down from a KTM? Not the case at all. I just started putting the WR together last night and from what I see so far, the quality of parts used and workmanship far exceeds my KTM.

The Wr has more power too. I think you will be rather happy with your upgrade. If you have any questions ask away. :thumbsup::devil::awww:

1) Didn't think about this at the time but the odo is in kilometers. You guys that have the "Eh" bikes what do you do about this?

About the only use I've found for the odometer is as a gas gauge. When you hit 100 Km, it's time for a refill.

Toss the Odo and buy a Trailtech.

I got my WR450 from a month ago. But I dont have the title/pink slip yet.(special California papers required too) Did you get your papers yet?? Let me know how long it takes.

I kept the metric ODO, and also installed a digital computer for bicycles. Works great! about $30, & water proof. But you have to lengthen the signal wire and make it heavy duty. As for the bike, power is good, needs FMF Q muffler and taller bars. Stock suspension settings were too stiff for stutter bumps, but good for big stuff. I just need to play with the settings. BTW: Im 260lbs, 6'6" intermediate desert rider. Took 2hrs to assemble.

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