Raer axle nut ping???

Was tightening the rear axle and just at torque value it "pinged".

Backed it off and retried and again...ping! :D

Over and over again the same thing. &%$#@! is it??? :)


First of all, try a completely different tool assembly.

I have had small cracks in sockets make similar noises. Could also be something in the wrench.

If not, you obviously have some sort of movement, meaning slippage or a crack.

And, with the wheel installed, remove the chain and spin the wheel so to listen to any small noises and check movement. This may lead you to other clues.

Let us know what you find.


Thanks Davej. Will take a look at the tool and whatnot.

Was wondering if it could be the distance spacer inside the wheel. I noticed it "floated" more on one side than the other.


If your 99 is like my 00, then that spacer is designed to only float on one side.

And perhaps you should let us know if this is the first time this have ever done this, and if you just got the bike, let us know if you have confirmed that all the right pieces are in the right places.


Yep. First time with the tire off and just got the bike 2 weeks ago. Hub seals look correct and tire spins freely. Just concerned about that ping is all. Gonna do some checking with a dealer mechanic and see if he knows anything.

Mine does that "ping" sometimes too. I never have figured out what it was and it only does it every once in a while. I have used many different tools, and it doesn't seem to matter. It freaked me out when it happened and I took the back wheel off and checked everything I could think of, but nothing looked out of place or wrong. I would like to know what it is too if anyone has an idea.

I think the Ping is ok, Same on me 00 at times.

It is the ChaaKoonk ya look out for followed by the bloodie knuckle Scream :)

My '01 makes some noises sometimes too. Typically when I loosen the rear axel more than a couple of turns. It sounds like the metal is flexing from the reduced stress and something is slipping somewhere along the line. If this sounds like what you're hearing then I wouldn't worry too much.

Talked to 2 different service mechanics and they have never heard of it happening. Oh well...I'll keep looking. :)

Are you guys sure its not the steel backing in the inside edge of the swing arm "popping" on a burr of the axle? Ive never heard anything like this, but my imagination lets me hear all kinda crap! :)

You might be hearing the actual threads on the axle and nut. If they are not lubed, the threads themselves will not rotate around one another smoothly. What happens is that they will bind ever so slightly, and then slip with a bang as you overcome the friction. Try some lube on the threads, both the nut and the axle, and see if it continues. Maniac

Gonna try the lube Maniac! Thanks!

Will report later.

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