is the 450f out in the us ? any reviews ?

I am an Australian owner of an 01 426 and am eagrely awaiting the arrival of the 03 450. Is it out yet in the US and are there any reveiws of the bike ???

Cheers all !

I am waiting for one also. I spoke to the dealer yesterday and they indicated I probably wouldn't see it until late September.

I was was doing some checking arround with other dealers and I found one 03 YZ250 had just landed!

I'm also waiting for a YZ85 for my son. The dealer said it should be in any day now.

Keep me posted on 450 sightings.

MXA and dirtbike Mag (Aug Print) Have reviews on the bikes

Dont expect any here until Late Sept Early Nov

ARRRGGHH>......that's just utterly ridiculous! Why would Yamaha let Honda have it's 2003 CRF450 out for literally 2-3 months before? They are gonna lose some sales no doubt...some people just can't wait...and face it, these bikes are good enough that either one will make a fine bike.

I want a 03 YZF....but it is kinda hard to swallow that pill since my 426 *should* be gone within 2 weeks. I got a guy paying me out, and he says he will have it all by then. I really do not want to be without a bike for 2 months!!!!!!!

Dammit Yamaha, get your butt moving. Reminds me of when I had pre-ordered a 1990 KX125, and they took so damn long to come in that I bought a Honda instead!

History can and sometimes does repeat itself!

The dirtrags(aug) have articles on the 03's but its just technical stuff, no riding or actual specs, only the same stuff from the mfr. However if you look at the cover of the Aug dirtbike there are numbers on the numberplates of the yz450 so I would think that there is at least one in the states, And those Magazines are 3 months behind by the time they hit the stands. someone needs to start talking!

I expect my 450 by Aug 15 or sooner. We have already recieved many 03' models like: Kodiak 450, Grizzly 660, FJR1300, R1, R6, V star, Raptor, Warrior, Banshee, and just yesterday we recieved the 03' YZ85. So guess what is next? You got will be here soon enough. Later,


Yamaha's release date is August. I work at a Yamaha dealer and have one ordered for myself, so everytime the rep calls I tell to get my 450 on the way! On another site someone claims that Dubach told them Aug. 20 is ship date. Unless there is a problem or delay I hope to have mine for the Labor day races.

Well the delay is a little annoying but the strange thing is that theres usually a review or 2 (or 3) out well before the bike is formally released.

According to the website the bike has been released. You'll probably start seeing them in a few weeks.

I just left the local Yamaha Dealer. They just got in two '03 YZ's (an 85 and a 125). They said the 250F's and the 450F's will probably be out in late August or Early September.

The 85 is my son's. He's gonna have a good weekend! He's been waitin for 4 months. :)

yep, i spoke with DR.Doug this week...

he said.."the dealers will get 1 maybe 2 450's about the 2nd week in Aug.. the rest of the ordered bikes will be in the shops at the end of Aug. or first week in Sept...

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