Truing a rim

Anyone have any tricks for truing a rim. Mine is a little out of whack and I have no experience doing it.

Trial and error is about the only way I have ever seen it done. Just tighten and loosen spokes accordingly and then double check that you don't have any loose spokes.

Truing a rim is easy. However, I am used to truing bicycle rims. Does your rim hop up and down or wobble side to side? If you do a search on bicycle wheel building there are many articles that explain the basics. I could try to explain, but the articles do a much better job.

You may have bent your rim if it is really out of whack. No amount of spoke tightening or loosening will help.

Let me know how it goes. If you need more help...just let me know.

Good luck.

This link may help you with the wheel.

Its True Truing a rim is easy only if you have had experiance doing so.

One of the above questions was is it simply wobbling (Side to Side) or is it a Out of Round (up and down) issue.

Simply just adjustig as needed is not the answer and can get you in some trouble real quick.

First if you have no experiance at all, I would suggest you take it to a good wheel man, truing should only cost about 20 bucks. If its bent then even the best wheel guy will tell you to replace the rim.

But to true a rim (Side to Side) you will need to , us

<ul type="square">[*]keep the wheel stable and secure no Movement[*]Use a Dial Indicator or Measuring method of some sort ***[*]Good Spoke Wrenches

or you can eyeball it on the forks

to get started remember for every action there is a reaction and this is true while truing.

The high side of the rim will be loosend first on spoke at a time

with that for every movement of the nipple you reverse that on the other side of the rim adjacent spoke.


Loosen 1 turn Bad side

Tighten 1 turn oppisite side

I do not recommend this for the 1st timer, go down to a junk yard and get some bicycle wheels to practice on to understand the concept. Its more expensive to have someone replace or re-spoke your wheel then to have it trued correctly the first time.

Forgot AlsoOut of round is a differant issue and metod all together, if you have both then side to side is adjusted first then the out of round.

If you look at the spoke lay out you will notice that the spokes meet and then spread at 45 degrees, this is the visual point to adjust out of round. agian it would be loosen one tighten another...


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