is IMS the best oversize tank?

im thinking about getting an oversize tank for my 00 yzf. i have a horrible acerbis tank that completely covers the engine, has 2 petcocks (why?) and has a huge volcano right in front of the seat (perfect if you like hitting your nuts on the gas tank). my main problem is the volcano...

on the CLARKE website, thier 3.4 gal 426 tank has a slim type of volcano - which is highly undesireable.

i was wondering if anyone was using an 3.4 gal IMS tank for a 2000 yzf or wrf, and how much does the tank stick up above the seat (does it have a volcano)? thanx for the help :thumbsup:

I have the Zip Ty (IMS) tank and really like it. Like you, I didn't want a tank with a high profile. The IMS is slimmer than stock and nice and low up top. Only thing is the tank drops way down both sides of the cylinder and the right side petcock is just a few inches above the header which makes me nervous. Only other problem is I can't use my existing radiator braces :thumbsup:

And you can't get to your fuel screw or choke.

I like mine...

I had to buy a replacement tank for my yz250wr, old one cracked. Clarke had a stock size tank that was mistakenly made in the old IT blue, which was cool because it was only $70. Well the seat/shroud/tank fit was garbage, I emailed them and said that's the way it fit on there bike. :devil: I CAN'T believe a full price tank fits this way.

I kept the tank inspite, this is now my rat bike or one that friends ride. Although I'm keeping my eye open on ebay.

I'd deffinately go with the IMS :thumbsup:

If anyone is interested I have a zip-ty tank I will sell you with the YZ seat and remote hot-start for $150.

i noticed that 03-04 ims tanks have nothing on top, but im not sure if ive seen an IMS tank on an 00-02. :thumbsup:

i may have seen a pic on ebay of one, but it looked larger on top than stock. couldnt really tell though.

I'd be interested in the tank your selling. I have an '01 wr426, do you know if it will work? I'm in Grand Junction, CO. Email me at if it's still for sale and maybe we can work something out. Thanks for your time.

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