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Shift shaft stripped please help

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Hiya Niya

Stripped or bent? Bent is harder to fix. A bent shaft, typically you have to use a cutoff wheel and VERY carefully cut it off next to the engine. You do not want to try and straighten as the force 'might' damage the engine. Stripped, well, no cutting, just replace.

While I've not done one on your bike, typically you will need a new shaft, a new right side gasket and it is a good idea to get a new shift shaft oil seal. Also, if there is any wear or damage to the shift lever, replace it as well. You would drain the oil, remove the clutch, slide the old shaft out, insert the new shaft and reassemble. Thet is the broad stroke to do the job. You will need proper tools and make the bike 110% clean BEFORE you start to take anything apart.

Now, some people think a shaft is damaged when it is really the shift lever. Sometimes it is both. If you can post pictures, some here may be able to provide more comprhensive guidance.

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