New MXA ........mag

Anyone seen the new MXA?

See the pix?

They have a couple of good pix that I havent seen B4.

one of the left side of the bike that reveals the dipstick partway down on the left side of the frame.

Kinda diff if you ask me!

Filler on the left side of the en JINe!

Keep counting the days........

MAybe 1 month??? :)

PS 99' 400f FS $3300 tons o'xtras!!!

will crate and ship!! :Dhomefullimg.jpg

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well what are you waiting for...scan the article man LOL!


I have the rag, I was confused as too why yamaha placed two oil filler spouts one at case level, just above the CDI and the other is now off to the left side of the oil tube.


Not so inlighting article though, I think they pledgerized TT with all the 450 info

BTW DirtBike has a better write up

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I honestly believe that yamaha expects most racers to wet sump the bike. Having a fill spout already on the engine just makes life a little easier. That would be fore thought. Unusual for a large company. Unless they fixed the check valves to improve the back flow on them. The possiblity then would be to check the oil and be fine in the resi, but have the bottom end completely empty. My money is on the wet sump option, because the dry bottom end seems unlikley.

Originally posted by motoman393:

well what are you waiting for...scan the article man LOL!


If I get a chance I'll post it.

The one on the frame is supposedly just a dipstick for checking the oil level, as oil is still stored in the frame.

I agree with Shawn about the wet sumping. I am going to wet sump my 450 as soon as the option is available from Dr. 426 is wet sumped and it has been great. I change the oil every 1.5 to 2 hrs of track time. Hell the 450 is only running 300cc more than I am running in my 426! reason not to.


The Yamaha contact I have said it's for checking frame oil height.


You shouldn't have mentioned Calling DrD....just ordered a wet sump kit for my 450....should be in around the same time I get the bike. I'll break it in without the conversion and then have the wet sump kit installed. Gina thinks late August, early September. I would sure like it before the Fall series starts back.

Also, a carbon fiber airbox is in the works...on that list! They are trying to find another vendor to help bring the price down...hope so. $500 clams was a lot to shell out for the 4 2 6 the first time! I will be selling that when the new bike comes in. I will post when it's going on sell....selling it cheap!...need CASH!

EGO...I know what your thnking..ARE YOU ANY FASTER WITH THE AIRBOX...NO WAY, but man it sure looks fast on the bike

Man, I am having trouble sleeping I am so excited about the new bike. Going to be a long month or so.


I saw the 450 at washougal. you should see the size of the dipstick. you can barely unscrew it with your fingers because it's so small. The cap is probably about 12mm in diameter.

MGR you oughta call DrD now. Id bet he would know if the stuff he makes now would work or not. They made a ton of changes, but I bet they didnt change that stuff.

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