timing plug

(01 426) has anyone had their timing plug fall out. It felt like exhaust on my left leg and there was oil all over my boot. I think i caught it early so i dont think a lot of dirt got in. Could i have hurt the cdi? What if some moisture got in. Whats my next step.

just get new plug.i doubt any dirt went in motor.since you felt air and oil blowing out of hole crankcase pressure would of kept dust or dirt from entering hole.it still wouldnt hurt to change oil.

It's never come loose on me but one other person did mention that it kept falling out on them too. I don't remember who said that though (it was in a rant somewhere). I have no idea why it would fall out, is the o-ring still springy and tight?

As for dirt, ditto what freestyle said. if it was coming out that fast then I doubt that anything got in. If you want to be super safe you can pop the cover off and see if you can find any sand in there and maybe flush it a bit, but it doesn't sound like anything had a chance to get in.

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