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Which forks would you keep?

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I've been on stock 17xc forks a while back and remember them being decent but not great. I got to ride a 22 300xc and thought the forks were good for very rocky but flowy terrain. The 22 forks are very soft for mx and a little soft for rough downhills and sharp turns on trails. It depends what you're looking for with the 22, if you value comfort and ride very rocky trails then they are perfect for you. If you're an aggressive rider that likes a firm feel then they are probably too soft for you. I rode with the guy on the 22 tonight and the first half of the loop we did is flowy turns and rocky terrain and I was having a hard time keeping him in sight. The 2nd half of the loop is tighter constant s turns and I was right on his tail and would catch back up quickly if I made a mistake and lost ground. They work good but he is looking for a little firmer feel for cornering and downhills.

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