fly wheel weight

HI guys,

this maybe a stupid question but when your replacing or adding weights is it a good idea to replace the whole thing or just add weights to it. I'm a programmer not much of a mechanic, just like to ride, trying to get it more trail friendly.. is there a huge difference between 12 and 14 and what should i go with, I jumped up to a 50t back sprocket..thanks for any help..

I used to run a 14oz on my 2001. I now run a wr flywheel and stator. I ride mostly woods and the 14 worked great for me. I can't compare it to the 12oz for you though, as I have never tried one. If you decide that you want a 14oz, I don't use my stock flywheel any more. It has a zip-ty weight on it. I will sell it to you and pay for the shipping for $200


I mostly trail ride

I use a Steahly 14oz. Complete Flywheel - Weight Assembly on my YZ426F

No drilling or tapping just remove old flywheel and install new flywheel and no side cover spacer and extra gasket required

14oz. works great for me, dont know about 12oz.

I use 13T front sprocket and 49T rear sprocket


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