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AER Spring conversion kit question, Pro Circuit/PR2 kit

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I purchased a Pro Circuit AER Spring Conversion kit without the spring (Probably mistake # 1). This kit looks very similar to the PR2 Suspension kit visually. It has a small air chamber in addition to ability to use a coil spring. More minor spring force adjustments appealed to me. 

I purchased a stock Kawi SFF TAC spring on eBay. My research showed this to be a compatible spring versus buying direct from Pro Circuit. 

I mocked up the spring and cartridge this morning and the spring looks way too long. It also won't fit over the collar on cartridge (Photo # 3). 

What do you think? Did I buy the wrong spring? Any idea what fits this kit? 

Photo 1: Red drawn lines show how much longer the spring is than the fully extended cartridge.

AER (1).jpg

Photo 2: Side by side with spring and cartridge being flush at the bottom
AER (2).jpg

Photo 3: The inside diameter of the coil spring is too small to fit over the collar on the cartridge. 
AER (3).jpg

Photo 4: Just showing the top of the cartridge and Schrader valve for reference.

AER (4).jpg

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Since no one has chimed in. My best guess you got the wrong spring.  Especially the Inside Diameter is wrong.  You could cut the spring down, but that is problematic in itself.

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