Phillips head screws!!

Most Ace Hardware stores have large selections of mm machine screws with hex heads (either button, taper or standard). They are alot cheaper than buying from the dealers. I cannot think of any phillips head screw on the bike that needs a special hardness. One of the first things I do is replace all the phillips with hex head from Ace. Also anit sieze compound may help, but you need to make sure the manual does not call for loctite and that you get the specified torque correct. This doesnt help get the screw out but it may help solve the problem in the future.

I also hate phillhip heads.

If ever met Mr. Phillhips I would kick him square in the teeth! :)

Thanks for all the good info. I was'nt able to get to it lastnight because my ol'lady had me runnin all night. Hopefully tonight.

I second the hand impact drivers! They can come in handy. One of my screws stripped there also. I used a small pair of vise grips to get it out. I replaced them with hex head screws. If I remember correctly, I think you need a different length anyway if you plan to just use the metal guard and ditch the plastic cover.

Hand impact driver held straight and put a small amount of valve grind compound on the tip of the phillips bit. mike

i had the same problem with the phillips screws..then i noticed on my sons kx 85 the hex head screws are the same size, and they have the little washer made on i called the kawi dealer and ordered 1 dozen side panel screws and 1 dozen seat bolts..they are the same size but the seat bolts are a bit i have all my screws replaced on my 426

YZ400MAN, hit the bolt on the head so to speak, a hammer-drive impact is the sheiot!!!!i"ve had the same one for over 20 years, even if theres not much of a cross left at all it will do the job!!!!!!!!!jimbo

When it's real bad I drill the whole head off,remove the part and use vicegrips to get the rest of the screw out.

I replaced all my phillips with allen bolts.

Thats one thing I miss about Hondas,good fasteners

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