Race Gas with Hi Comp piston?

Do you have to run race gas to benefit from the high compression piston? I dont run it now because my bike doesnt have high enough compression to do it stock so I am not thinking I will need it by going up a point.

I run a wiseco 13.5:1 piston in my 426 and it runs just fine on premium pump gas...no pinging at all.

It really depends to be honest. Like the other guy noted, he can run on pump gas but maybe his is better or higher octane than what you have. Your question about do you need to get the full advantage the high comp piston is not really the right question to ask. You may have to go to higher octane to get it to run correctly (no detonation) so maybe the answer to your question is "maybe". Does that help? :thumbsup: You may be able to get away with pump gas and maybe not. I suspect it will run best on a blend.


I was thinking of the blend too.

Man my avatar really has people going.

13.5 to 1 compression is very high. I would want something better than pump gas for sure. This kind of compression can surely cause detonation on pump gas.



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