TPS adjustment

I finally found the little torx with the dimple/hole in the end. 20 bucks and ya gotta buy the whole set. Oh well. I gottem now. Anyway, I played with it a bit last night. It was kinda wierd.

I did this with the engine running so I would know how this was effecting the timing at idle. I rotated it counter clockwise about 3 minutes, and it started idling a lot faster, I continued the same direction and it slowed. So I went the other way with it, it spead back up, and then slowed down again as I moved past that spot, the continued clockwise until the end of the adjustment and no change. All the while I was blipping the throttle to see how it acted. All the way clockwise, it stumbed badly. All the way counter clockwise it stumbled badle. It stumbled a little when really wacked hard at the stock postion. At about 3 minutes counter clockwise from stock, the postion where it idle up, it seemed to not stumble as much when really wacked open. I was also able to turn the idle down for a reasonable idle speed too. I then started to play with the pilot screw after resetting the TPS. I noticed that it smoothed the idle out, when leaned. I also found the engine would idle for about twice as long with out puking out the coolant with these settings. I havent ridden it around the track yet, but up and down the street, it seemed smoother off the bottom.

By the way, my neighbors now love me. The crack of the Thunder Alley at 9pm on a weeknight doesnt seem to bring out the enthusiasm that it should. Its ok, I invited them to my birthday party, I'll fillem with beer and food, they'll forgive :)


If your neighbors dont like it send em to my house in Harleyster, They will think your a Prince after they get a sound check here on a week night with the Tophatters anal runs

Looking forward to here about the official ride

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Great post dude, and job well done.

It will be interesting to see what you think on the track and more importantly, the pull on the hills.


If its not too freakin hot, I'll go out on friday afternoon, and track test it.

Friday night, midnight. Tired as hell. Bike too fast now. must hire pro rider. Mcgrath still looking?

I'll post later when I can feel my fingers better. :)

Too Many Heini's eh Shawn? too Funny

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