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Replace all bushings as set? Showa TC

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I'm servicing my forks for the first time and replacing a leaking seal.

I have both lower slider bushings that I bought as I was expecting a little wear since I'd been leaking oil for a while. The coated bushings look good, the other shorter bushings don't quite have the copper sheen that the new ones have. I was gonna swap them all since I have parts. Any reason that I should just save them? I like saving $, just don't wanna cut a corner. 


The only bushing wear I found is on one of the damper bushings. On a similar line of questioning, should I replace both, all four, or just the worn one? The rest look good to me. 

Do orings really need to be replaced every service per the service manual?


The bike is a 2007 CRF450r 😉

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Hi, i always replace all bushing cause it cost the same price if i do myself than a shop replacing just seal for me… so here is the money save but i don’t replace oring every  time

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11 hours ago, mlatour said:

If they've never been done, preventively replace the ICS piston inner seals.

I've been looking into this. What parts do I need on hand if I open up the cartridge, and where do you get them?


I'm looking on the race tech website and they may have them, but I'm unsure about the names they're using. I haven't had a chance to call during business hours.


I ended up ordering the 4 bushings that sit on the cartridge cap assembly. I'm thinking those may be listed on the RT page as ". "Reservoir piston external bushing #1 and #2.


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Not sure about RT as I ordered mine by email from Factory Connection and, simply by the description of 'ICS piston inner seals'.


Those ICS seals, combined with the lower rod seals seem to be common fail points on TC47 forks,

making for a cartridge that ingests air and mushy dampening.

Happened to both mine and a friend's CRF's of 2007-08 vintage.


How-to link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFvlTpttFbA&t=25s


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