rear sag how-to

Here is a really neat sag how-to that was in this months Honda Red Rider propaganda magazine that I get. There is a whole 2-page article that I can scan for anyone interested.


Hi SirThumpalot,

Thanks for the step by step. I would be very interested in seeing the whole article. I am new to shock adjustments and could benefit greatly. I hear that dialing in the shocks is important. Funny, when I was a kid all I knew how to do was hop on and ride (bike as is) Never even contemplated adjusting my shocks. Now that I own the fine blue beast, perhaps I need to look into this further. If you could email the rest of the article, I would appreciate it.



Here is a time saving tip I learned after doing it the long way a couple times. after you tap the lock ring loose spin it a good ways up. Now instead of using a hammer and long punch to tap the other ring (forever) grab the spring with your hand and turn it the direction you need to go, it will spin the ring on the body as it turns. Eventually it will get to hard but if your cranking it down but it will get you most of the way down and all the way off if you are going that way.

Another tip, after you have set the "race sag" like in the photo above, check the "free sag" how much the bike sags under its own weight, too little and your spring is to soft, to much and your spring is to stiff.

rear sag how-to...

If you stand up with your shoulders slighly arched back and loosen your butt can get some pretty good sag in the rear. :)

When making this adjustments, instead of getting fully dressed, (and looking like a goober walking around in your garage)I simply plop my gear bag on my lap.

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