Second request for this information... Does anyone know?

I am rebuilding my 2001 426 transmission due to a bad 3rd gear. The others are not too hot also. I have found a set of gears from a YZ400f (98-99) that appear to be good. I was wondering if anyone knows if they are the same as the 426 gears? If not, will they fit? Not a good swap???


the ratios are different, but they should work in the 426 case.

to the best of my recollection 3 4 5 are the same but 1 and 2 were slightly wider spaced. 426 was actually closer ratio than 400. THere were some posts that listed the ratios. Do a search in this in this forum. I have used 1 and 2 from a 426 in a 400 so the reverse should work

Here are the gear part numbers for 2001 and 1998. Some are different, soma the same. I don't know what the differance is, but the shafts and bearings are all the same so it should bolt in.

2001 1998

  5JG-17411-00-00 5BE-17411-00-00   AXLE, MAIN

  5BE-17151-00-00 5BE-17151-00-00   GEAR, 5TH PINION

  5BE-17131-20-00 5BE-17131-00-00   GEAR, 3RD PINION

  5BE-17141-30-00 5BE-17141-00-00   GEAR, 4TH PINION

  5JG-17121-10-00 5BE-17121-00-00   GEAR, 2ND PINION

  5BE-17421-00-00 5BE-17421-00-00   DRIVE AXLE ASSY

  5JG-17211-00-00 5BE-17211-00-00   GEAR, 1ST WHEEL

  5BE-17251-10-00 5BE-17251-00-00   GEAR, 5TH WHEEL

  5BE-17231-00-00 5BE-17231-00-00   GEAR, 3RD WHEEL

  5JG-17241-00-00 5BE-17241-00-00   GEAR, 4TH WHEEL

  5JG-17221-10-00 5BE-17221-00-00   GEAR, 2ND WHEEL

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