Michigan Riders????

Is there anyone from Michigan that is interested in getting together to go riding? I just studded up my bike and had a blast on the ice.

From the number of responses, I conclude you are the only michigan rider.

There are more Michigan riders, however, I typically spend my Winters with riding with a track and ski's!! Where do you plan on riding your bike? I'm from Port Huron, and mainly ride around Lewiston.


Buck... I'm from Mich... where are you from that you got safe ice?

I'm from down in Oakland County... not quite safe..and then we got 13" of snow.. screwed up the ice some places.

I'm planning on running the D-14 races this winter.

Where do you ride.. have many others at you track? Oval track?

Originally posted by Buck:

Is there anyone from Michigan that is interested in getting together to go riding? I just studded up my bike and had a blast on the ice.

I am with Hiller--I live near Ann Arbor and ride a sled(yamaha of course) in the winter and my WR in spring, summer and fall. I also ride near Lewiston-A little place called Lovells is my home away from home

Sorry that I haven't responded recently. I am a school teacher and have had a string of snowdays. Anyway, I have been riding on an ice oval near Ann Arbor. I want to try maybe going up north to some of the ORV riding areas just to see if the studs will work. With all the new snow I don't think the ice is going to be any good now.

My family has property near Lovells. I have been going there for years. Out of town down Townline Rd.

Buck.. the ice will be good.. it will just take a while for the open spots to freeze hard.

We ride on about 3 diff lakes West of Pontiac... usually 8 to 15 guys at a time.

Have you ever ridden on Whitmore Lake?... a bunch of guys used to ride over there.

Here is the Dist 14 ice race schedule >>>


I can get your email off this site and mail you a couple days before we go for a practice ride if you want.

They do a lot of practice riding up in Flint on Potters lake too... sometimes the Pro riders ride there too.

Definitly e-mail me when you guys are going to go out. I just went out for the first time last weekend and I had a blast. My Dad used to ride out on Whitmore lake and I guess I did too, but that was a long time ago and I was on an MR50.

As far as racing a district event I don't know. Like I said last weekend was my first time out and I think that I should get a little more ice time under my belt.

e-mail address during the week is:


Weekends and evenings if I check it is:


Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

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