Ya heard of Indian air, how about ancient air

Here's and old guy actin like a kid! (Me!) :)


Wahoooooo :D

super-imposed! SUPER-IMPOSED! :)

no it isnt, heres another, its the next jump after that table. Ya come down from there make a pretty hard left then nail it to clear this little double.


I'll see if I can get some better ones next time Im out. We keep fiddlen with the camera for clarity. If we knew what we were doing with the camera, we'd have lots better pic's. Besides, if I was going to super impose something, it wouldnt be something like that. Id shoot one roosting Keving Windam or something. Heck, I needed Ego help just to post the dang thing.

And thats a bad thing :)

What digital camara do you have?

Maybe Me can help

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lol! i was just yankin your D.I.D. 520 man

wheres everyone else on that track?! i'd like to have some room to myself once in awhile to make some jumps on my own :)

Ancient air my ass!!! That tabletop at Elsinore is pretty damn big and throws you pretty high. I still don't have the sac to clear that thing. Nice pics Shawn...

Sweet Shawn!!

Ancient meaning he's as old as I am! LOL!

Not bad for an old man!

And the pics don't look that bad at all. Post more when ya can....it gives this old man inspiration!!!

Nice pics man.

Here is a "Not quite as ancient or as big as Shawn MC" air.



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What is the distance ft' on the table and on the dbl.

The table looks about the same as the one I broke my foot (in 7 places) on last CINCO de Mayo 01'!!!!

That one is 90' top-top

It has a good burmed corner/downhill run , but the scary thing is that 11-12' ramp!!!!

Well here is me doing a one hander, no leger half super man on the ground Beat that one


LOL Ego you rock!

I have no idea how long that table is, next time I go out, im gonna measure it. Ive got one of those measuring walking wheel deals. But I almost dont want to know. :)

Thumping hucker, the run at that table is kinda all over the map. After they water the track, the run at it is really slick, and you (or at least I) spin the tire all the way to it. Scary, ya hit the face wound up pretty hard in 4th all sideways and slimin out the mud and ya get the moment of truth deal coming at ya like "shoot, Am I goin fast enough here, do I brake and try to roll this or take the shot when I come up short?" You wouldnt think coming up short on that is a big deal, but when ya do, ya drop outa the sky like a freakin rock and hit like a ton of bricks. I remember once noticing all the mud flyin off my bike like a big splatter after coming up about 5 feet short. Got real friendly like with the bar pad.

Id call myself, a VET Intermediate. Ive ridden on and off my whole life. I rode moto back in the 80's for a bit, but got tired of being in the hospital. :) But I met some people in the early 90's that rode the dunes. So it had been a good 9 years since throwing a leg over a dirtbike, and these folks said come out with us. I rode this ladies old beat up 200x three wheeler. Gawd what a hunk! Anyway, we went over to Oldsmobile hill, and one of the guys says, hey ya wanna ride my CR500 up the hill, thinkin Im gonna say no, I say "hell ya" He's all like "uh... ok" (personally, I wouldnt turn an open class two stroke over to someone Id met 20 mins ago, especially when he's riding a POS 200X). I digress, I launched that thing up Olds, and it died 1/3 of the way up. Gas off. Everybodies down there laughin at me, I turned the gas on, fired it up, spun it around and ripped up the rest of the hill. Starting half way up is a bitch. I re-lined up with a GSXR powered quad and smoked him. I rode it back and got off, and was re-hooked. And hooked bad. That was thanksgiving weekend. By Christmas, I had my own CR500. The I met my wife, and her sisters husband rode moto. So I tried a bit on the CR. Im good, but not THAT good. He was smokin me left and right, till I got my thumper. I love my thumper.

Hey E.G.O.****

You stole that move from me

But thats OK you can keep it

At 55 yrs. old I dont like doing tricks like that anymore anyway


How about some "kid" air? I'd like to share a pic of my son at 7 years-old doing a 40' tabletop! Does the pic have to be located at a url address in order to post it? How do I go about doing it

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Originally posted by SLO Rider:

How about some "kid" air? I'd like to share a pic of my son at 7 years-old doing a 40' tabletop! Does the pic have to be located at a url address in order to post it? How do I go about doing it?

Send it to MotoMan 393

I am sure he would be glad to post it.

It has to have an addr.

I would do it but MSN "lost" my web page!!!


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Nice air Shawn, can you or someone else over her explain to me how to post a picture? Ive tried to copy and past, drag from desktop in, and there is no paperclip or attatch tab like on my email so I cant figure it out. Good thing Im a better wrench than computer operator. Bad thing is I can build a computor but not operate one. Must be a Gene thing. Any help would be appreciated.


I was at Elsinore last Friday, but I didn't spend much time on the main track because I ran into a little trouble with my bike.

Thing is, I can't quite place where either jump is. I know some parts of the track have optional lines, so maybe I bypassed the whole thing. :)

Anyway, you're younger than me, so I must be "Prehistoric Air". I know I could do the second jump, but the big table, ummmmm, maybe not. I'll see next time I'm there.

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