Ya heard of Indian air, how about ancient air

Those are some nice pictures.

The second picture of the little double I ended up crashing on about a week ago. My back end got side ways and I ended up trying to land perpendicular.

Shawn, how often do you go to Elsinore? Do you go to anyother tracks in the area?

Hey Shawn MC,

What is your riding skill level, or how long have you been riding?

I started about 3 years ago and I know I wouldn't jump that table yet. Hopefully when I get to "Ancient" status my cajones will have grown enough for an attempt.

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In order to post a Picture you first must have the ability to run a Web Server of have disk space on a web server.

Most ISP's (Your Dialup account) Have supplied you with anywhere frm 3 - 50 mb of disk space.

You would need to place these pics in that area,

Next you need to find the Path or URL where the pics are



you would then use the Image button in the Post Topic screen, and past the URL into the image dialog box.

with any luck and little brains anyone can do it.

Or you can give me 5 bucks and I will post it for you... :)

Slo rider Chk your PM;s


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Holehot the big table is in the middle of the course, for the lack of a better description. If your in the tower, lookin at the front table, its just to the right and back about 80 yards.

Panicrev, I usually only get out to Elsinore on the odd sunday, I meet my brother in law out there, he lives in Oceanside, Im in Yorba Linda, so it sorta in the middle. We go out late in the afternoons just about when the noon heat is breaking. It turns out great. Ya end up getting the place pretty much to yourself, and its coolin off, suns going down, really bitchen. I love it then. Last sunday, when that pic was taken, I was sittin on the tailgate of my truck, sun setting, bike clickin and popping as it cooled, ice cold beer in hand and the whole thing gave me goose bumps. Just perfect.

I think I got it now. How about some kid air? Here are some of pics of my son at age 7

doing what he loves best "big Air".

40' table-top


30' table-top


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Man oh man, the guys makes a little TPS adjustment and look what happens!!!

Good form, btw.

Davej, that was prior to the TPS experiment. I went out yesterday morning, after the TPS adjustment and over jumped that thing. Landed on the flat over shot the very next corner. Ow.

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