first ride on my 450!!

Its awsome!! I cant believe how light it feels in the air! power is smooth but very potent. I dont know if the factory ti header changes the sound but it is sweeet. It is so much easier to start than the 426, man Im so glad I waited for this bike. I was about to by a 250 2 stroke. I feel for all you guys who will have to wait a couple more months. After youve had your bikes for a year hopefully you will have the same reflections as I have about my CRF. Gotcha ha ha. I know all you yamadogs are going stir crazy waiting on your bike so I had to come over and rub it in a little. I was on a six month deployment with a bike waiting on me to get home so I know the feeling well. At least you get to look forward to that 3 year old on xmas morning look on your face as you load it in the truck to take it home. Sucks about that speeding ticket you got cause if you hurried you could get a quick ride in and get home before it got to late. Jumping at every chance to go out to the garage and stare for a while. Enjoy your hell, ride on.

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