How Low Should I Go?

I ride a '94 XR600 and I see that the specs call for 15psi front and rear and I currently run them both at 13psi riding woods, trails, and some hare scrambles. I know that low pressure means high grip, but I was wondering how low is to low? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

not sure, your world is totally different than mine.

if you're running heavy duty tubes, and your race speeds are generally low, you should be fine.

i wish i could run that low. i have to run 17 front and rear. no flats but sometimes my bike reacts like a fridgid [@#$%&*!].

We run 8-10 in front and 10-12 in back with HD tubes, in the forest here. I do get the occasional pinch-flat, though, but it's rare.

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