where's a good place to buy valve adjustment shims ?

im going to be adjusting my valves soon and am wondering where a good place to buy the shims from is ?

Local Yamaha shop. You might want to check what your clearance is first. I just hand lap my down to what I need. If you know someone who works in a machine shop it will save you some bucks.they come in 5mm increments

You mean .05mm increments, don't you?

Just checking

My local Yamaha dealer trades me shims for my old ones. If you buy them they cost about 6 bucks per shim.

:devil: thanks Gray you da man :thumbsup:

Ive found that most shops dont carry them and will tell you they will have to order them.You can go to any motocycle shop that has a service shop and buy shims they dont have to be Yamaha shims all the generic ones work also.My yamaha dealer didnt have them in parts and there service centre had them but wouldnt sell them to me it really pissed me off because they needed adjusting after 4 rides.Ihad to go to the Honda dealer and buy them from there service shop, know what sizes you need and the generic sizes come in a lot more than .005 increment sizes.Buy the way the dealer I was talking about was Beaverton Honda Yamaha they have a nice setup but the prices are way too high and service sucks!!wont buy my next bike there.

If you know the part # cycle-parts.com list them for $4.75 each. Haven't ordered any yet but will soon when my auto decompression cam comes in. My parts manual list them from 1.20mm (0.47244) to 2.40mm (0.094488) in 0.05mm (0.0019685) steps

The bottom line is to do the valve work when you can stand to have your bike down for a few days. From what I've experienced none of the dealers carry a good selection and most don't give a rats a$$ whether they provide good service or not. You'll end up ordering them if you don't want to use some of the other options people have mentioned.

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