Clutch centre?? 04XR650R

Had a little runin with my riding bud yesterday. Didn't think much of it untill we got home and noticed oil leakin from my clutch cover. Oh!Oh! Pulled the cover and .;;;;holy shixxxxxxxxxxxx Aluminum filings everywhere. Turned out the clutch cover is cracked and when he hit me it busted one of the four bolt towers off inside the clutch.

As soon as that broke off the spring pushed the bolt head out to the clutch cover and instant aluminum spaghetti sauce. Any way,,, where can i get another "clutch centre"? The cover is not too hard to replace but the center is on back order here for another two weeks. :thumbsup: I am willing to get on my street bike and travel to get it. I just want it!!! Riding season is real short here so any help I can get would be appreciated. Oh ya the bike is a o4 XR650R

:shocked:Shxxxxxit make sure you flush the filings out good , or you will more problems than the clutch :thumbsup:


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