Showing off my new WR400


Just put some new graphics on my bike and wanted to show them off. What does everyone think??? :thumbsup:

I think this bike looks awsome! :thumbsup::lol::D:devil::awww:

How loud is the e Bros pipe?

bike looks the graphics.....

Oh Yeah! E-Series is LOUD! Started out with 12 disks then had to drop it down to 7 just because of the noise... Do most of my riding on the street and my neighbors get pretty upset when I get home at 2am after work...

What type of bag is that on the rear fender? Looks spacious yet not too obtrusive. :thumbsup:

Also wanted to say those mini flush mount signals are dope. Are they bright enough to be obvious to other drivers?

Bag is by Moose Racing. Lots of room and stays closed with both velcro and a heavy zipper. Elastic straps and more velcro inside.

Low profile signals are great! Put out plenty of light. And don't have to worry about snapping them off if I lay my bike on it's side. (Like thats going to happen... Yes, I'm currently knocking on wood.)

Good looking bike. :thumbsup:

Watch out with the E-Series in the forest and on BLM land. I've been warned once, and took off another time before I got busted in the Big Bear area. This is with 8 discs in my E Series pipe. I now use a FMF Q and was "blessed" by a forest service type at the base of the John Bull Trail a couple of weeks ago. It's good not to have to worry about noise anymore.

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