xr 650 r air filter side cover mod

Has anyone put holes in the airfilter side cover?did this mod feel like it worked? how big are the holes & where are they located.Pictures would be good :thumbsup:


It works but, it's a flow thing....more air in more air out....if you don't have enough of one and not the other it isn't going to help much.....If your leaving the stock air filter it isn't that much of a gain ether.

Thanks heaps qadsan for that info :thumbsup:could'nt give me any tips on the jetting for low down flatspot could ya :lol::thumbsup: :cheers:DAMO

I got to get it in, im getting itout :D real well ie exhaust :devil:. Thanks BWB63 :awww: :cheers:DAMO

To 'minimize' off idle hesitation, you'll need to adjust your pilot/fuel screw and then adjust the idle speed at your riding location. Before adjusting the pilot/fuel screw, make a note of where yours is adjusted by turning it all the way in and counting the turns in until it stops (do it gently), but be careful when it stops and don't crank it tight because you can easily damage the screw's seat and then you might be really screwed. Put it back to where it was and make a note of how many turns out it was. To adjust the pilot/fuel screw, first make sure sure your engine is fully warmed up, then set the pilot screw to 1.5 turns out. With the engine idling at the 'correct' idle speed, turn the pilot screw clockwise until the idle slows. Then turn the pilot screw counterclockwise until the idle slows again. Make a mental note of how many turns you made in between the low idle points. Then turn the pilot screw half way between the low idle points to finish the adjustment. If you turn the adjuster counterclockwise and the idle doesn't drop down, then you need a larger pilot jet. If you turn the pilot screw clockwise and the idle doesn't drop down, then you need a smaller pilot jet, but this procedure won't work so well if you have your idle is turned up too high to begin with. After adjusting your pilot circuit, re-adjust your idle speed if necessary to the correct spec. If your throttle response is as good as you've ever felt it when you whack open the throttle from idle while the engine is under load (while actually riding your bike), then you're done. If there's more hesitation than usual when you whack open the throttle from idle when the bike is being ridden (under a load), then turn the pilot/fuel screw 1/8th turn inward to see if that improves your throttle reponse. If it doesn't, try another 1/8th turn inward and see if that makes it better. If it gets worse in this direction, then turn it backward in 1/8 increments until you have found your best off idle throttle response.

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