Its uncorked now...... WOW

I installed a 170 main, 68s, 53 needle in the 3rd. position.

both corks are out of the air box but still have the stock pipe tip. I set the pilot screw and then the idle.

It runs great and i now have a large trench in the back yard, but it will only run on full choke or half-choke.

Any ideas?

What altitude & temperature are you riding at?

Did you replace the stock Intake Boot between the carb and the engine? If not, do so!! Also, don't run the stock exhaust tip after the bike is uncorked and jetted. Either remove it completely, or install the HRC 40mm tip, or simply drill out the stock tip to a larger diameter.

In any case, all of the uncorking and jetting changes have to be done together; airbox restrictor plate and snorkel, carb intake boot, exhaust tip, and jetting.

Also if you are below 1000' elevation, run the 175 jet, you'll notice a little more kick!

Good luck with it man,


I forgot to mention I changed the carb. boot as well. The only thing i have not done yet for the complete UNcorking is the exhaust tip.

Elevation is 1500' and around 80deg.

The 2 main places I will be riding have elevations of 1500 and the other is around 7000. I am not looking forward to rejetting every other week.

Can the quiksilver carb handle this range of hights with its external adjustments?

With the stock tip (not drilled), your bike will be too rich with a 170 main jet at 1,500 ft / 80F. Consider drilling out the stock tip and try a 165 main jet when riding at 1,500 / 80F. The HRC tip is an even better choice and with that tip you may want to try a 168 main jet. If you 'must' use the stock tip (not drilled), then try starting with a 158 and you'll probably have to work down from there and you may have to go back to the 65 pilot jet, retune the fuel screw, etc. Your mixture will get richer with higher elevations (less oxygen in the air) and you'll want to lean out your jetting to compensate if you want your bike to run at its full potential. The QwikSilver carb will handle those elevation changes just fine, but unless you use a stock drilled tip or an HRC tip or a less restrictive exhaust canister, you will have to setup your QwikSilver with the optional leaner needle, which I believe would be a #15 if memory serves me correct.

just pull the tip completely and go for a rip, then you will see some real improvement. Make sure you either drill it or put in an hrc tip soon though, or your neighbors are not going to like you very much.

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