Headlight for 04 WR 450

Headlight busted by roost any one selling one or have suggestions on a aftermarket light. Yamaha wants $110 for stock one. Would like to keep a glass lense, don't like the plastic, they turn yellow after a while.

Put Acreibis twin light on my 03 looks trick and halogen globe are cheap

any of your WR owners have a photo with his new Acerbis headlight. What's up with the lenses? I kinda like that. Anyway would appreciate a photo or two with this headlight installed. Just wanna get a idea.

hope you checked out the post from the guy parting out an '03 wr. he's got two head lights listed.

If you want a stock one I think they are all the same back to at least '01. The headlight on my '01 looks identical to my '04. Watch Ebay!

I put a Baja Designs grill on my stock light after seeing several people with busted ones. No break so far. I think it is a good value and cheap insurance for $11 plus tax & shipping. :thumbsup:

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