just put in wheel bearings. help questions!!

hey, i just put wheel bearings in a buddy's yz250. i lubed em up good and pressed them in properly. put the wheels back on, and when i tighten the axles, the wheels don't want to very easily. like almost like the brakes are on just a little bit. (but they arent)

is this because they are new bearings and need to be worked in, or am i tightening the axles too much, or did i do something else wrong?

The most likely cause is that one or both bearings are less than fully seated in their pockets. This happens when a piece of dirt or debris gets left on the shoulder of the bearing pocket, or more commonly, if the bearing simply wasn't driven all the way in. If you used an improvised tool, like a socket for a bearing driver, it's possible that the socket stopped against the top edge of the bearing pocket because it was too big to fit into the bore. The bearing may have needed to go deeper than that in order to seat. This sort of thing happens all the time.

It's also very important to drive the bearing only on the race that is being mounted, the outside in this case, because you don't want to subject the balls to that kind of pounding; it dents the races.

If you can't find something that bears on the outer race and is still small enough to enter the bearing bore, you can finish seating the bearing by CAREFULLY tapping around the outer race with a drift punch. Grind it flat before using it.

thanks grayracer

so the wheel should spin pretty freely right away with the new bearing then?

Make sure the wheel spacers are installed on correct side. If you put the left one on the right side, the spacing is incorrect and the rotor will rub on the caliper. Just got done doing the same thing and that was my problem - wheel spins super free now :thumbsup::devil:

Daver- that was exactly my problem thanks alot man

It will if they are installed right. Ball bearings don't have a "break in" period.

I was not aware of the spacer problem. Good to know.

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