Fun thread part IV........superstitions!!!

Ok guys

Some of us HAVE and some do NOT have superstitions.

If you do have superstitions about riding, Name a couple.

If you don't let us know why not or about a friends superstitions.

Here are a couple of mine.

1. NEVER run the #7 !! (I came to this conclusion after working my "A" off the yr b4 as a NOVICE and earning a #7.pretty damn good. I broke my foot in 7places riding that crappy # !!!!!) I am running #13h this yr and have had a pretty dang good season. And no broken bike or bones!!

2. NEVER borrow a helmet. (If you forget your helmet when you go riding....


b. Buy a new one ......which leads to my 3rd...

3. NEVER wear a new helmet b4 you drop it on the ground!!!!

4. Never wear Brand New gear to a race!!!(always wear it during a practice session first!)

5. Always give the wife and each kid ONE and only ONE kiss b4 a race.(less or more is BAD) :)

<ul type="square">[*]never Ride Alone, by yourself[*]never never never cus at your bike, Shes always listening[*]never look another racer in the eyes[*]never ride another bike in front of yours[*]never let another less qualified then you ride your bike

Never say "I'll be careful"

Never say I'll be home early

Never listen to "be careful"

Never ever listen to "your gonna crash "

And if you have the feeling something bad is gonna happen, dont ride. It cost me a knee.

Man is the last one correct.

I went out last time, and just did not feel right, day was just one of those

Dooo--Wweeeee -ohhhhh days

I said to my bud, man it aint right, the feel isnt right. I rode anyway real carefull

Rode maybe 2 miles, thats when I discovered the idle air jet missing.

Shutdown on the truck end of story

Always trust your feelings

What's the deal with dropping a new helmet on the ground. All the pros do it...I do not get it.

I am not a man of superstitions...but here would be mine...

Always wear all of your gear. The two times I chose not a piece of my gear, I crashed and injured that body part.

#1 Always wore gloves when I ride my bicycle...always for 9 years. The one day it was really hot and I put the gloves on my hand...then I took them off and put them in the car. I stacked it at 30mph and meat grindered my hands.

#2 Last Sunday if forgot my elbow pads. My buddy offered me his spare pair. I turned him down. Last lap of the day I stacked it in a berm and the only part of my body that got injured was my elbow!

Still just a coincidence! :)

"I am not a man of superstitions...but here would be mine...

Always wear all of your gear. The two times I chose not a piece of my gear, I crashed and injured that body part.

#1 Always wore gloves when I ride my bicycle...always for 9 years. The one day it was really hot and I put the gloves on my hand...then I took them off and put them in the car. I stacked it at 30mph and meat grindered my hands."

I think wearing your gear is just good common sense, not superstition.

Always put on left sock before right, left boot before right, and left glove before right. Don't ask me why.....I don't know. Just feels weird if I don't.

I don't really have any that are moto specific, but I have some from baseball that have carried over to moto.

1. Never shave on game/race/practice day.

2. On game day I always eat the same breakfast, this will carry over when I start racing at the end of baseball season, 3 eggs scrambled and 2 blueberry muffins.

3. Get a routine. I have a routine when I go up to the plate and I have one when I get on my bike. Train yourself this way. It help you to remember everything.

4. Play/Ride hard and when you rest, rest, so you can play/ride hard again. No one gets better faster if you do it halfass, it is also safer because you are not lazy. I usually crash when I am tired and "taking it easy" for a couple of laps. I do better if I go in and rest for a couple laps and then go back out.

5. Second the don't show off in the pits. If you do you look like an idiot and if you are and crash you look even more like an idiot.

6. Pay attention to the small things that are working. Whether it be putting your socks, boot, and gloves on a certain way, or wearing a certain pair of socks evertime you play/ride. The later I have done many times. I once played an entire season wearing my sliding pants backwards because I was in a hurry and put them on backwards, it popped me out of a slump and I did it for the rest of the season.

That is all I can think of at the moment. Baseball players are a little wacky anyway, especially catchers, which I am.

This isn't a superstition but, did happen today. I got off work early to go riding and my youngest boy wanted to come and see the old man ride, probably wanted to see me fall :D:D

He jumps in the truck and shows me the palm of his hand and says "it's Moms work number, in case you get hurt" :) I told him it best, he not say things like that prior to riding, especially when I'm doing the riding :D


I forgot........2 thing to NEVER EVER say.......


2. I'll be right back . I am going to burn one more lap! :)

Exactly! Never ever say "Just five more laps, thats it!" Boy, will it ever be your last five laps! At least for awhile. Maniac. Oh yeah, I guess this is superstitious. While on the start line waiting for the two minute board, I will check my radiator cap, gas cap, and fuel petcock numerous times!!! The more prestigous the race, the more I check!!! I guess once you see a buddy leading an important race from start to almost finish, and then he pulls off because his gas cap fell off, and gas has splashed all over him, you tend to check your equipment religously. Maniac

I have one that I adhere to without fail. when Im at the track practicing and I go do my 15 minute sessions and return to the pits and rest up get some water whatever I allways get to the point to where Im deciding that I will go do one more moto and then load up, I stop and say, "Im not hurt yet" and I load up and call it a GOOD day. Nock on wood Its been working for 5 Years as the only time Ive been hurt is on race day.

If you decided to call it a day....then never go back out and try that jump you couldn't make.

Never show off in the pits

I'll have to 3rd the one "If it doesn't feel right......don't Ride!!!!!!!"

Never say, or even think, "My bike is running perfectly today!"

There are some great ones in this post, I see we all pretty much have the same thoughts. My biggest is:

Never, Never, say BE Careful, and firmly instruct who-ever said it, not to ever utter those words again. The last time someone said that to me, I woke up in the hospital in ICU, had been there for about 24 hours before I could remember anything.

This is a dangerous sport, being careful goes without saying. Roost on!!!

Trust your gut like EGO said, if it feels wrong, it is. Put the beast up and go home, smiling.

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After to many injuries myself, I have a new motto that I always say after riding all day, and before deciding to go back out for just one more moto. "Live to fight another day!" Then I load up and smile all the way home. Works real well!!! Maniac

I PRAY to GOD (through JESUS) before I ride

I need all the help I can get, so I go right to the top


I agree to "never say be careful"!!! I'm 16 and until I get my license in December my old man comes with me. Everytime he has said be careful I have gone down and not in the best of way is my jersey somehow got into the chain and was ripped off of me and locked the rear wheel. I went down at 55mph or so(near top of 6th gear) and I slid along all these roots and rocks. OUCH! Then he said it again after I showed up with that accident and I left and came back with a bent exhaust, missing number plate, and scrapped up elbows which goes into the superstition of wear ALL gear. lol. All the other times he didn't say be careful I landed everything and ran a super smooth line. I agree most with "never say WATCH THIS" heh, famous last words. One of the superstitions I hold out wherever I am is if I see really cute chicks, don't look at them, don't think about them, and don't even THINK about showing off!


Its comforting to see others have the same fears I do. I have only been hurt when I ride after saying Im done for the day. Never try something new when it dosent feel right. Confidence is key if you dont have it (it dosent feel right) you will crash. Finaly dont jinx your buddy by telling him he could make that double if he just gassed it a little more. You will feel bad while you are taking him to the hospitial.


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