Fun thread part IV........superstitions!!!

I have this thing with socks - I wear the heels out of my riding socks in like 4 rides. so I bought a new pair and ate sh*t. so i put my old pair on over normal socks and rode ok. well next week with new socks I crashed hard and had an ambo ride to the docs office. so from now on i ride with my old fox socks that have like 5 holes in them.

ALSO NEVER SAY JUST ONE MORE LAP THEN I AM DONE.( my friend did tha tand broke his right Femur, left wrist and his collar bone on a breaking bump going into a corner)

Wear all your gear.


I went trail riding and i didnt have my knee guards on. I ended up going down at about 50 and tumbled down a hill. I hit my knee cap directly. I have a scar from it and if it hit my knee hard enough it hurts like hell. Should have gone to the doctor on that one.

I do a lot of free ride mountain biking when i cant get out to ride. Last night we were trying to clear a median and land past the yellow line in the road. I nose dived and went over the bars. Since i didnt have my elbow guards or gloves on i got cut up pretty bad and got some bad road rash.

Never do anything one last time!!!!!

I never say, "one more lap".

Never moan your BIKES name (yz450f) when you are having a wet dream about it and your wife is dead asleep next to you!!!!! :D

I have had more wet dreams in the last 4 or 5 nites (since the 450 started showing up in USA) than I did when I was 15!!!! :)

In 1975 on my Cr125 I said one more lap and it cost me a femur, all ribs on the left side and 1 1/2 months in traction and 2 more months in a spika cast from the toes to the nipples. FUN! :)

J. Hall,

Right on in calling it a GOOD day, and getting home in one piece. That ...just this last one... is a wicked one!

I put on my right boot first.

I put on my right glove first.

I never wear new pants in a race.

I never say I will do "one more lap."

Remember a redneck's famous last words "HEY, ya'll watch this sh!t"

The best quote Ive ever heard:

Hold my beer and watch this! :)

SShawn Mc

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posted August 25, 2002 11:33 AM


The best quote Ive ever heard:

Hold my beer and watch this!

Some of the funniest things I've seen in our riding areas is when one 4wheeler rider tells another to do just that.

Those guys can slam the ground as hard and fast as they can slam a beer.

Where we are they really are a great bunch of guys. They're always are in awe of how fast a bike can get through the woods, more often than not they'll pull off to the side and let you by, and they'll usually offer you a beer or a cold drink out in the middle of nowhere.

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i always wear the same t-shirt under my race gear.

before i leave to go ride,,

i tell my kids i love them

and my wife says as i go out the door.

''dont get dead''

I carry my lucky hacky sack in my backpack....I've always considered it good luck. Any time I've forgot'n it on a ride, the fact that I don't have it alwasy sticks in the back of my mind.

BTW, I crash just as much with it as without it, so go figure :D ..........

Dodger :):D

I pray everytime

The one time I had forgotten my gloves and goggles, no biggie, so I borrowed a buddies and then proceeded to break my femur in Cal-City. Needless to say, I have not forgotten anything since. I now have a titatium sub-frame in my left femur!

My g/f was filming me doing some riding out in the desert last night and I did the infamous "one more jump". Well, I was getting ready to go up the face of the jump when I ran over some damn chicken wire fence crap. It got all wound up in front axle and she had to go home and get some wire cutters to get the crap out.

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