"94" XR650L suspenion setup

I just bought a bike after taking 15 years off from riding.By choice I went with the 650L.My question is about getting the front wheel off the ground.This bike has tons of power and handles great but is very front end heavy and struggles to lift the front wheel.Is there a suspenion setup that can help with this ? I have tried to raise the preload ring on the rear spring to lower the rear end but this did't seem to help much.Maybe I went the wrong way?


Is the bike stock ? Gearing stock ?When i had my last '94 it struggled to get it's front end up.And that was with 14-48 gearing (stock is 15-45).Then i replaced the exhaust with a Pro-Circuit T-4 and rejetted.I almost looped out on my first ride.This was confirmed on my new bike.I bought a new '03 last year and rode it stock for the first 400 miles.What a DOG !That got old fast,so i put the old T-4 back on,dropped the countershaft sprocket one tooth(also rejetted) and i'm back in buisness !This thing RIPS !Wheelstands are no problemo ! :thumbsup:

Same deal on my 04" stock it's not nuch, but with the pipe, Jet and filter it comes off the ground with just thinking about it. 1st or 2nd and i have stock gears (I ride it to work every day at 75 mph) :thumbsup:

Hi Chris...Thanks for your input....My bike has a "Big Gun " exhaust system on it and has had work done to the carb but I don't know what the jetting actually is...I guess I need to tear it down and look for myself...Do oyu know of a good site online with some specs to help me on where to start with the jetting and the gearing...



Go over and join the Yahoo XRL User Group (XRLUG). I searched their archives and had my bike set up (jetting, slide drilled, idle mixuture screw adjusted) before I ever posted a question. All this done before 100 miles. Come on over.... :thumbsup:

Yo Trkmecanic,As stated in the last post you can go to xrlug,but theres not too much to it.

Jetting varies with altitude/temp.I'm at about 1500 feet,and run a 165 main/55 pilot/needle shimmed .040"/slide drilled.Oh and all the smog eqip.removed.If your bike has a pipe and had carb work,you might not need to do anything.How does it run?Popping on decel.is a sign it's running lean.

Gearing on a dual-sport is a compromise.14-48 is great off-road but too buzy on the street.15-45 is stock and great is you stay out of the dirt.Right now i'm running 15-48 and feel for 50% street/50% dirt is the best (for me).

BTW , i'm a Carmecanic(Honda) :thumbsup:

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