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Off topic but had to post. Started my youngest off riding today. 5 yrs old and proud owner of a new Suzuki Jr 50. Wanted blue but the Suzie sold me on the ease of growing it 1.5 inches. Started off in the back yard. Didn't take long to remove the exhaust limiter in the header. The darn thing wouldn't pull itself out of its own tracks and a pain to start. Ran the throttle stop all the way in but the little guy wasn't ready for the power. 1st trip round the yard he durfed it pretty good. :devil: After a few tears and some minor cleaning of his 1st battle scrub, he was all ready to ride again. :thumbsup: MAN this is what it is all about!


good on ya.. Last year I built a 1980 RM80 for my girlfriends son. A piston port with reed valve engine isn't the easiest to learn on, but he managed ok :thumbsup:

Just did a PW50 for her daughter as well, and she loves that little bike. It great to see the young ones riding. If only I had a bike when I was that old I may be able to ride properly by now :devil:

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