Happy 4th ThumperHeads... from Bryan

Hi Thumpertalkers.

Long time, no chat.

Remember me? The founding father of T-talk (that makes me feel old).

What's new in 4 stroke land? I haven't been checking in lately because it depresses me that I still have my original WR400 that started it all.

And KerryT just bought a new 450. The dog!

I just wanted to check in and say happy 4th from Colorado.


Bryan in Denver...

Wow !

I haven't read anything about you for many years! Glad you are still around. I knew there was another Bryan that started this. Can't thank you enough for Thumpertalk. I love this place as do many others. Happy 4th to you too

Fryboy :thumbsup:

Thumpertalk is the best :thumbsup: even if it is slightly addictive.

:D:lol: :lol: :lol::awww::thumbsup::devil::lol:

Long time Pal!

I have preached occasionally why TT was started, and by whom. When I became a member, there were < 50 guys. That was back in late '99 or 2K...(???)


Did you ever imagine the possibilities that has grown from your idea??

:thumbsup: to bryan.

beers on me whenever. :devil:



Yes, I'm happy Bryan Bosch and Steve have taken it up many notches. Those guys are awesome!

I started it in April of 1999. However, I was just messing around with some discussion software at home and put it on the web on my AOL account. But I couldn't find it once I published it to the web. So I thought it didn't get published properly. In about June or July, KerryT called me at 10:00 one night and said, 'Dude, your site is alive!'.

People were finding it by typing Yamaha WR400 into Yahoo.

The rest is history.

BTW: I did take the original WR to Moab this March. Here is a slide show:


Cheers all!

Bryan in Denver...

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