It has finally arrived! Now lets get started.

Finally! My Rev-lok clutch has come in! After sending it Next Day Air way back on June 12th, I finally recieved it today, July 25th. Six weeks without my 426! Thankfully I still had my 250F. Without that, I surely would have gone insane! Anyhow, the machining looks first rate, and everything looks brand new. Even new clutch plates! I will finish installation tonight, and update on how that went. Saturday will probably be the maiden voyage, at UNADILLA BABY!!! Hell yeah! Not that wimpy amateur track either, the real thing. Gravity Cavity and all! Although, they won't let us go down "Screw U". Must have something to do with hardly any of us being able to make it back up! This track defies the imagination, and thankfully, the club I have joined is allowed on UNADILLA once a year. So that is where my Rev-Lok equiped 426 will be tested. I know alot of you TT'ers are interested in knowing more about that clutch, so I will report on how it feels, operates, works, likes, dis-likes, etc.. Now, mind you, I might not be that objective. Afterall, if it works like it is supposed to, I won't want everyone to get one. You know, I need all the equipment advantage I can get!!! Seriously though, I will keep everyone informed with its operation. If there is any special requests, I will try and duplicate the situation, and report what I find. I am only able to ride about once a week at most though. Keep posted!!! Maniac :)

Well, installation was a breeze. Got it done quickly, just like switching clutch plates. Only time consuming part was installing many screws in outer hub fingers. Even got done before the sun had set! That means only one thing, RIDE TIME!!! Initially felt odd, like clutch was partially dragging. Might be my idle is to high, engagement adjustment, who knows. Anyhow, from a dead stop, you must roll throttle on a good amount to accelerate with any authority. If you don't, you ever so smoothly, start moving. If you grab a handful, BAM your gone! SWEEEEET!!! Next thing, ran up thru third gear (short yard, 100 yds max.), and chopped the throttle. Engine braking, YES!!! It did seem to have less engine braking, the slower you are traveling. Normal? Possibly even a little less engine braking than stock. Not positive though. Need more seat time to be able to tell for sure. Then I got it up into third gear and stomped on the rear brake. YES!!! Bike did not stall!!! That is very SWEET!!! Oh yeah, you can leave it in first, and absolutely crawl along at next to zero miles per hour! I am not kidding. You can barely feel yourself moving, yet the bike doesn't do that slow speed wobble bit. I think I am going to like this thing. Again, take this for what it is worth, as I have only ridden this for 10 minutes so far! I forgot to try and start it in gear, so I will try that next time. WHOOOHOOO!!! Maniac :)

Keep the info coming, this is very interesting I want to hear all about it.

The more I hear about this Rev-Loc, the more I like it. Is this a "permanent" mod, or can you switch back and forth? Although, I'm still waiting to hear where it won't work well.

Keep us updated!

The company says that you can return back to normal operation with just a little wrenching, but when I looked it over before installation, it looked fairly permanent to me. You can override the automatic clutch, just by using the manual clutch lever at any time though. Nice, huh! And in another respect, I think this clutch might even be more permanent than expected. I think this thing is going to make me soooo lazy, that I will never be able to ride a "normal" bike again! Now THAT is one permanent mod!!! Although, like I have said, currently I have only ridden it for a total of ten minutes. But tomorrow I will put it thru its paces. Even so, I did not purchase this for MX, so on Sunday I might try a Hare Scrambles race. That is where I think it will really shine. Now, how does one go to the races, and still show up for a previously announced party? Oh, I see trouble brewing!!! Maniac

Latest Update: Just got back from Unadilla. It was rough, just like when the pro's were on it. Rougher though, because it had dried out to a consistancy of concrete! It was rough! Anyhow, I am liking this thing more and more. Anyone that knows Unadilla knows how difficult the mechanics turn is, and also the apple tree turns after it. All rock hard slippery off-cambers! Nasty. Over the years I have learned to not try and go fast thru there, just survive, and then afterwards go fast. Well, with the Rev-loc, I didn't have to worry about stalling the bike, and that allowed me to concentrate on the turns that much more. I'm not going to say anything stupid like I like them, but I definately felt much faster and in control thru them. And anyone that has seen me ride knows that is saying something! But I do have some bad news too. Lap after lap, with my confidence soaring, I kept leaping out of gravity cavity higher and higher. Now mind you, I had stock 250F suspension on my 426. The reason being, my 426 suspension has been revalved for off-road. So all day long, I was bottoming hard. Real hard! Afterall, I weigh 190lbs. So anyhow, when the damn camera man showed up, I decided to really let her fly! Up,up, and away! I came down hard on the rear tire, and my hub blew apart! Right where the sprocket mounts. Now of course, there is no way of knowing for sure, but if the clutch had something to do with the damage, I will let everyone know. I know it wasn't caused by my sprocket bolts because they are all still in and tight. Also I use a Tallon Spoke Torque Wrench religously, so I know it wasn't that either. Do you think maybe just a weak hub? Or all of this from soft suspension? Let me know what you think. Maniac :)

I just think you are to darn fast for the track. just kidding, although it must be really nice to ride unadillia. I remember when i use to ride there back in the day with mark barrnet and david baily i use to also have trouble with the mechanics corner also. maybe your hub just was weak because of the track conditions you were putting alot of pressure on it with the weak suspension. I actually have no idea but doesnt it sound like i do.

maybe you need to go on a diet

Well, Sunday's Hare Scramble went much better. This thing rocks in the off-road enviroment! You can't even begin to imagine how much harder you can charge when you don't have to worry about your bike stalling. And this was one tough race. 9.2 miles long, and I was in first gear the whole time!!! I completed three laps in 2 hours 16 minutes, for an average of almost 5 mph!!! And just so you know, I didn't win but I did come in fourth. When I say tight, I mean TIGHT! Anyhow, the clutch worked flawlessly, and actually saved me numerous times. I seriously don't know if I would have finished had I not had that clutch. Afterall, I have only ridden 5 times since April 7th! There were numerous hills that were so nasty, everyone was looking for alternate routes, and with that Rev-loc, I just pointed the bike up and let her rip. If I didn't make it, no problem, the bike never stalled, so I would just paddle my way up. I was seriously impressed. One dissapointing trait of this clutch that has got me bummed out though, is that I can no longer "Rev" my bike up to annoy and irratate other racers into making a mistake! That used to be one of my biggest joy's!!! And to your comment Freestyle111, yes, maybe I should go on a diet. Being 7lbs. overweight might have had something to do with my hub breaking. But I remember someone once saying "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing." So here you go Freestyle111: Maniac

i was just kidding.i really doubt you could break hub just by being a fat@ss.especially since yz426 uses same hubs as yz250f.i would probably say your spokes were too tight.[not your belt :)

hey maniac, those rev locks sound very interesting. I dont know if it would suit me very well because i dont ride alot of tight trails, just mostly tracks. That and i have already spent all my extra cash on a rear brake. I cant wait to try one of those hairscrambles though, they sound like alot of fun. My suspension is killer for motocross i must say. I dont think i would have done so well without it this weekend. I must have cased 5 jumps and thats alot for me. I did a superman when i landed. ouch!!!! i hope your not to overweight because i am the same size as you. were just taller versions of ryan huges thats all. :)

Yeah I hear ya Freestyle111. I thought that was a possibility too. So I had to find out what the cause was, so as to avoid this problem again. I went to my good machinist friend, and asked him for his opinion. He has seen, and done it all. He does all of the motor work for D+D Racing, they are BIG in the snowmobile circuit. He also used to own a motorcycle shop, so he has seen alot. I trust him with his knowledge. Except now! I was picking his brain, and he looks me straight in the eyes and says:" You damn idiot! Your chain was to tight! Thats all, not any of that other crap." Well, I don't have to tell you, but I lost alot of respect for him after that!!! How dare he place the blame squarely on MY shoulders! It wasn't my fault. Why, #1: Yamaha says to run the chain that tight. #2: It is all of the magazines fault. They always remind you that a thrown chain is dangerous. #3: My father never loved me as a child. So I harbor all of these feelings of neglect, and it manifests itself in the way I treat my machinery! Yeah, that's it. See, not my fault at all!!! Luckily, I have been informed that the stock hubs are not that expensive. So to everyone listening, don't run your chain to tight! Maniac

Ive seen the hubs grenade without the chain being too tight, but its easy enough to do.

So how much you got into that newfangled clutch?

Alot of Benjamin's!!! $1054.00 with overnight shipping. Yeah, yeah, I know, but for those of us that can't ride, we need all the mechanical advantage we can get! I have yet to see a downside to this thing, although if your a top pro, maybe it wouldn't work so well for you. I am not, nor will I ever be a top pro, so anything I can do to make my riding easier, or more enjoyable, I will do. This thing is just as handy as an electric start because the bike never stalls! I am going to get sooooo spoiled!!! Maniac :)

Maniac, shattered hubs at the sprocket mount is common. Do a search. I only weigh 165 and I blew up mine in '00. It was an expensive repair.

Originally posted by MANIAC998:

One dissapointing trait of this clutch that has got me bummed out though, is that I can no longer "Rev" my bike up to annoy and irratate other racers into making a mistake! That used to be one of my biggest joy's!!!


I thought you could leave the clutch lever on if you wanted to override the Rev-Loc. yea or nah ?

Great job on your write up :) makin me so jealous!!

I am thinking bout keeping the 4HUN and puttin a REVLOC in it!

The only prob would be keeping my wife out of the garage so she wouldnt know about me havin 93RM250(hooker bike)pw50(kids)400f(REVLOC)4-5-0f (NEW ride!!)

That sounds like it would be PURRRRfect for the riding I love to do!

ALready wondering about REVLOC 4-5-0f!!! :)

It is hard enuf to sleep thinking about the 4-5-0 already ............but nowwwww........4-5-0f REVLOC......HHMMMMMMMM


So I take it that this "rev lock" is like a centrifical clutch? Hmmmm.... I might need to get one of these things! It sounds cool. So where does one get one of these things?


If the clutch lever is still operational, why can't you pull the clutch in and still bounce the throttle of the limiter like before?

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