It has finally arrived! Now lets get started.

Yes, you can pull in the clutch lever and over-ride the Rev-loc anytime you want. What I forgot to tell you was that I had removed mine prior to the race. I just wanted to try and let the product do all of the work. Believe it or not, but it is hard to not reach up and use the clutch lever, that is why I removed it. I guess after 27 years of owning bikes, some habits are hard to break! And to all of you TT'ers thinking about this purchase, DON'T DO IT!!! I've been lying this whole time. You won't like it. Afterall, you all got into dirtbiking for the challenge, so why would you want to mess that up by using a product that makes you feel like you are cheating? No, I think maybe you guys should just let me be the guinea pig for, ohhhh lets say, 23 more years. Afterall, think about how good you would feel about doing things the hard way!!! Maniac

Thanks TRH. We've got to get together for some riding, eh?

I've got to get out!!! (in my best arnold voice :) )

This looks like one more money-leaching mod that I MUST have. I need to stop working on only the truck and give the bike some attention. I don't need another person to drive my truck, so it has been getting all of the $$$ because it actually gets used. Sigh...


Thanks for all the info.

I am looking at a ATK 605 and the

REVLOK is available on 2003s from

the factory for $1000.


I think the 0-talent riders (like myself) would benifit greatly from one of these. A grand will take some time to come up with though.

Id love to try a bike with a Rev loc clutch, but a grand? Man, a grand is a lot of money for a clutch. Trick factor is unmatched, but a grand. Thats going to take sometime to get used to.

Maniac, the write up is cool. Thanks for the info. I was wondering how close you are to Unadilla. I live in New Berlin about 15 miles from the track. I am interested in the club you joined. Let's ride sometime. I am fairly new to the area and don't know many places to go.

jsimmers. The club that rides at Unadilla once a year is called "SATRA". It stands for Syracuse Area Trail Riders Association. They have rides nearly every weekend, and some weeknights. They ride at alot of local tracks, such as Broome-Tioga, Thunder Ridge, etc., and also at some private tracks. I hear that they also do some Hare Scrambles riding, although I've never went with them. You can check them out at, they have a nice site. If you have anymore questions, just send me a private message on TT'er and I'll get back to you. Maniac

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