Scotts Sub/ Front Stabilizer Mounting

:thinking:I've been checking out the Scotts and BRP websites, and just noticed a GPR stabilizer that looks like it's one piece with the lower bar mounts.

I just bought a BRP top clamp, and already have a Scotts stabilizer. I like the idea of the front mount, so I'll still have access to the oil dipstick. I also was thinking about this:

Why couldn't the stabilizer just be bolted right to the top clamp (Scotts or BRP, with flat surface between the bar mounts). It could be mounted on 8-10mm standoff blocks, just high enough to clear the steering stem nut. Of course you'd have to drill & tap two 6mm bolt holes in the clamp, & would probably have to shorten the front tower a little, and might need a different link arm, but no biggie. The BRP high bar clamps would probably clear the mount, then you could just use the moto top bar mounts (or put a GPS there), and it wouldn't matter if you turned the bottom bar mounts around to move the bars forward or back. Anyone else thought of this, or better yet, tried it?


What?!? :thumbsup: No one? :devil: OK, does anyone see why this WOULDN'T work? If not, I think I'll give it a try... Please stop me if you see why this is a bad idea. :awww:


sounds do-able, but how you gonna get to the knobs? Whats wrong with where they put it normally? If you want to swtich your bars the kit that fits. I dont know anyone personally who switches there bars from offset to standard after they figure witch one they like better.

If you do it, post some pictures. has already done it for the ktm's and will be coming out with more bikes soon.

Yeah, Bruce, that's one of the reasons I want to put it under the bars. Other reason is I want to put a GPS there, and the speedo will mount in front of that & still behind the headlight shell/ number plate. When I take off the GPS I can put a bar pad there. I won't be able to adjust the knobs "on-the-fly", but I never did with it on top on my CRF450 anyway. I'll post pics when I'm done. If anyone else has done it, could you please post pics, or email me with some?


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