Enduro Jackets

Yeah, I know its still summer. But cooler temps and rainy weather isnt that far away.

Any ideas on a good Enduro Jacket ?

Looking for a good fanny pak also.

Done some shopping via the net. But guess I`m not looking in all the right places.

Thanks All.

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[ July 25, 2002: Message edited by: JPEracing ]

I was looking at the Joe Rocket jacket the other day. It looks like the one to have, plenty of protection and length, and yes, lots of pockets. It was $239.00 at my local shop, a little pricy but how well it was made should be worth it.

Couple of guys I work with ride a lot in the state forests over here, they swear by their Fox Outrider jackets, lots of pockets etc, I have worn one, they are comfortable. When I have some spare cash i'll be buying one.

hey JP,

I bought a msr jacket this spring. I love it. It was pricey ($170 i think) but very well made. It takes awhile for them to break in because of the nylon type materials. Mine folds up into a fanny pack for when it warms up. I would recomend the msr or moose. But there are alot of good ones out there.

The moose has a neat flap in the front breast area to route your drinking system tube through (I almost said camleback tube, oops)

Were in Michigan are ya. Im on the west side in Muskegon.

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