Broken Throttle cable, which one to order?

Hey All,

I was out riding this morning and the throttle cable snapped. I used the cable that closes the throttle if it jams to limp back to my trailer. It was hard to ride while twisting the throttle forward for more gas. Anyway I need to figure out which cable to order. PN 17910-MBN-670 CABLE A, OR PN 17920-MBN-670 CABLE B. When seated, it is my understanding from parts guy that cable A is furthest forward on bike/throttle assembly. This assumes that assembly is pointing up. Question is which cable opens the throttle? I would go look, but I'm helping my girlfriend paint new apartment, 50 miles from my bike. I plan to order from service honda, unless you have other sources. BTW, Service Honda price $16.53, honda dealer wants $28 and change. Don't you just love dealers!


Try going to . Under OEM search, Handle, lever, cable- you can see the cables as well as how they enter the throttle. Looks like A (#1) to me. 21.62 + shipping. Good luck!

Who sells both the cables in a longer version? I raised my bar mounts and moved them forward and it needs an extra inch or so to be to my liking.

A direct link to some place I can purchase them would be awesome.

I found a small motocycle shop specializing in drag bikes in my area that builds cables and can lenghten/shorten using your sheath, the average cost is around $15-$25 per cable and a 1 day turn around time. Check some race shops in your area to see if they offer this service. The shop I am referring to is in Escondido, Ca. if this will work for you p.m. me and I will give you the #


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