Front Spring Change Help

On My 95 Xr I just ordered new heavier springs.The question is do I need to remove the shock tubes from triple or can I replace them with the tubes in place :thumbsup:

You only need to loosen the top triple clamp mounts. When they are tight, they make the fork tube oval slightly making the threads locked up.

So what you are saying if I loosen the upper triple I can pull the old out the top and replace with new spring GREAT :thumbsup:

You got it, it should take less than 10 minutes to do the whole swap. What springs did you go with. I got some racetechs and I love them. I had to use a spacer but I found that a PVC pipe coupler was the perfect length for what I needed. I don't remember the diameter but if you bring the spring into home depot it shouldn't be to hard to match one up.

Racetech were talked about and another brand.The shop that order them for me all race or have race xr600 down in he said he will get me the best for the best price,around 90.00 for the set.0.46kg/mm.At the same time I'm changing the rear spring 10.5 kg and going to a 13 tooth front gear for more bottom end.How I cant wait for next weekend,work just seems to get in the way of great riding time. :thumbsup:

I went with racetech .46's up front which are perfect and I just got a new Eibach 12.5 for the rear. The rear will be way too stiff for my weight(185) but I got a really good deal on it. Hopefully it will work well in the dunes. I have an eibach on there now but can't read the part number to see what rate it is. It was way too soft though.

I just got a new Eibach 12.5 for the weight(185)

You'll never be able to properly set your sag with that spring, which means your bike won't handle to its potential. Perhaps an off road shop might be able to test your softer Eibach spring and help you figure out what it is.

good deal on the wrong spring, is that really a good deal?

It's always a good deal when you can sell something on ebay for more than you paid for it.

So when you said it was a good deal you meant for the seller?

don87xr600, I edited my post just for you. When you see a word in parenthesis, disregard the word which is preceding it. If you still can't figure out what I was trying to say, just let me know and I will rephrase it again.


It's always a good deal when you(I) can sell something(the spring) on ebay for more than you(I) paid for it.

For future reference, when someone uses the pronoun I in a sentence, it is usually referring to themself. Ex, I got a really good deal on it. That sentence refers to me, not the person who sold the spring. Also, when someone writes about being able to sell an item on ebay for more than they paid for it, that doesn't mean that the item was purchased on ebay by a seller. Instead it means exactly what it says which is that they can sell something on ebay for more than they paid for it.


Explain ,why is it a bad deal for me and a good deal for the shop.that s why we post are questions. SO here is the question I m 210 lbs 6'2" I NEED new springs and rear springs where and what to buy.????

The posts by quadsan and don87xr600 were directed at me about the rear spring that I ordered. I was replying to don87xr600's post in my last message, not to yours. There is nothing wrong with the deal you are getting or the shop you are getting it from.

I assumed you already ordered your springs since that it what you said in your first post. According to's spring calcualtors, at 210, .486 shock springs would be ideal, however I'm not sure if anyone makes them that stiff. .46 is the stiffest racetech makes. I weighed 205 when I put my .46 springs in and they worked great. For the rear spring a 10.8 is ideal for your weight. a 10.5 should work good, but if you can find a 10.8 you might want to get it.

I run the 12.5 spring when I run my xr in supercross

I don't see how someone could run an XR in supercross with good results, especially if they are as old as yours are but if you do.... Do you have any problems with the handling?

supercross an xr? com'on I was joking.

It takes all kinds... I have heard of people MXing there 600s for fun, granted they wouldn't be able to hang with MX bikes but some people enjoy trying different types of riding even if it is with an XR. Not everyone can run out and buy brand new bike like you.

which brand new bike were you referring to, My 86, 87 or 88?

which brand new bike were you referring to, My 86, 87 or 88?


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