Did I drop the value of my bike?

Whats the value of my bike???

Triple Clamps:$225

Tag T2 Bars:$124

ASV levers:$100

Ti pipe:$269


powrbomb header:247

Fastway pegs:$100

Hinson basket:$225

Hurricane Kit:$160


powder coat$250

Clark tank:$170

Total in extras:$2,327.00


I'd say your bikes worth about 4000-4200. All that stuff you bought doesnt really help the value of the bike when you sell it. It's best to put it back to stock and move the parts to an 05 or something. Thats what I do.

I just think it willbe hard to sell w/a hurricane kit on it?

Gonzo...your Avatar is hilarious! :thumbsup:

Unfortunatly for you, aftermarket parts dont do squat for resale value on just about anything you can think of. I would say, if the bikes clean, runs well, and seems to be taken care of...4200-4600 bucks depending on your location

I second what Jeffro sez, I've got a perfect '01 426 bought new as a leftover in '02 rode it about an hour (broke wrist) tricked it out over the winter for my son to race locally in the 250/open novice class (finished 2nd overall for season)is perfect mechanically (459cc bored & stroked)starts 1st kick, fresh suspension, new tires,chain,sprockets,graphics,etc,etc,etc, I have a ton of time & $$$$ invested and will make someone a great deal on it and no real interest shown................. :thumbsup:

Yes you killed the value of the bike I think you should sell it to me for like $2300! :thumbsup: I will save someone the problems of buying a bike with all of the bad aftermarket stuff!!!! :devil::awww::lol:

Flip those numbers and we may be talking.................. :thumbsup:

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