Reason For Buying A 4-Stroke

What was it about the introduction of the YZ400 a few years back that made you put aside the 2-strokes and hop on the 4 banger.

Was it the rumours of Doug Dubach putting in 4 second per lap faster times at the test tracks?

Was it the rave reviews MXA gave the YZ?

Was it the night Doug Henry won the Las Vegas SX in its' very first race?

Was it time for something new and a change in scenery?

For me the YZ 4-strokes just have something about them that is so cool yet the bikes are so good.

What's your take?

the lower level of required maintanance brought me to four strokes. i bought mine after i rode my friends yz400 for about 5 minutes. Another reason was definately attention. there are few 4strokes in supercross and i wanted to be different. also, the 426f is the fastest, baddest, meanest machine out there, and i wanted to be the one riding it.

For me it was when Doug Henry crashed and broke both Arms :)

I thought Man I got to get one of those.

I have ridden thumpers most of my life, Starting with a BSA Goldstar

I like 2 smokers but there aint nothing like the Thumpity Thump you get exiting a corner

When Yamaha came out with the 400 I thought cool, I will wait until the deliver what the pros are racing

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Every time I think about doing some of the big doubles at our local track I think of Doug Henry breaking both arms and walking over to the fence to get some fans to take off his goggles and helmet. Damn pschological mental blocks!

The 426 is the baddest machine I've seen.

I too was rasied on fourstrokes, I like the way the power is made and put to the ground. I like the fact that I can ride it longer with the same effort. Ya dont gotta mix the oil, minor, but its a plus. Minus, they wear out the rear tire really bad. Oh well.

And that sound, just the thought of smokin a two stroke off the corner is really enough for me, but the added bonus of watching the two stroke guy miss his shift because he cant hear his bike is a plus too. :)

CON: You can't hear a 2-stroke that's right on your butt.

PRO: He won't be there long when pelt him with massive roost! :)


the roost hurts

i wanted to be different

it sounds soooooooo angry! :)

and imma bottom end guy

1) Powerband

2) no smoke

3) no ring-ding sound

4) hopefully less top end replacement

I didn't like my I figured a white bro's R4 on a new 426, reving at 13000 rpms at 2 o'clock in the morning would make them a little pissy...I felt it was well worth the money..and it's quite a hoot to ride too.

I was highly skeptical when they came out, but after two test rides on a MX track, I could not think of a single reason not to buy one. I haven't looked back since. See sig line.

I started on a four stroke in 1972. I fought with two smokes and racing throughout the mid 70's. After a 21 + year layoff my son and I decided we wanted to stsrt riding. When I decided to ignore the doctors about my back and paralysys I got four strokes (XR'S) for me and my son. When I decided it was time to ride MX again I watched and talked to the veteran and masters racers at practice locally. Only one bike came to my mind as the logical choice. My '02 426 is the best bike I ever bought :D . I love the power and the power band, and aas an engineer I really get off on the way this bike is designed and functions. The dealer has been first rate and I feel like I am 20 years younger. Thanks to Yamaha and to all of you on TT. I am really enjoying riding and being out with my teenage son. I recommend dirt bikes to families everywhere.


Bill Barnard :)

I was also raised on "RED" 4strokes.

I bought a purple 95' YZ250 and absolutely loved that thing.

I raced it for 6months/5races and got sick and tired of those DAMN yamaha 4strokes blowing by me in the spots that I should have accelerated much quicker than the 4strokes I was USED to!!!

Now I am the guy that makes the 2smokers nervous!!!

Nothing like gearing down and running the RPM's up a little on a guys tail to make him make a mistake. Like a FREE pass "DUDE"!!! :)


GAS MILAGE / fuel cost


ZERO unnescasary maintainance! :D

I hate to busrt your bubble but Late model race thumpers require more maintinence than Two-strokes. Dont beleive me? Ask Eric Gorr.

I was sitting on my wifes 4 wheeler one Saturday afternoon riding washes, contemplating which new bike I wanted to buy...a CR250 or a YZ426 (CR450 wasn't out yet). Suddenly, some guy blazes by me like a blue blur and climbs a hill out of the wash. He was on a YZ400. When my climax had subsided I decided then and there that I had to have that sound. I've been a happy 426 owner ever since...

Is it more maintenance or just different?

Originally posted by moto madman:

I hate to busrt your bubble but Late model race thumpers require more maintinence than Two-strokes. Dont beleive me? Ask Eric Gorr.

I would hate to burst your little bubble TROLL!!!

You post that you have a RM250!! What a joke you are on a 4-Stroke site. I do have fun laughing at your stupid little comments on how your 2-smokes are better (In your dreams!!!) I think your scared of our bikes, the only reason you don't have an YZF is you don't have the b@lls to ride one.

Originally posted by moto madman:

I hate to busrt your bubble but Late model race thumpers require more maintinence than Two-strokes. Dont beleive me? Ask Eric Gorr.


EXCUSE me??????

I am thinking that 1......yes ONE spark plug in

3 1/2 yrs is "NOT" more maintainance than your Gazuki!!!!! :D

I have put 2 fork seals in and 1 spark plug in 3 1/2 yrs and change the plastics to Bob "HURRICANE" Hannah graphics and tighten the chain once in a while and that is the extent of my maintainance on my 99' 400Fl!!!!!

What Late Model thumpers are you talking about?



Cuz it sure AIN'T the Yammy's or the KTM's and absolutely not the RED Honda XR!!!!

Maybe you are thinking of the 1988 yamaha XT's, but those things are STILL less maintainance than any 2smoker!!!

Hate to burst your bubble.

I am not saying 2smokes are UNreliable, they just take MORE maintaince and $$$ to keep up to par!!! :D

Hey moto madman, how many thumper riders do you know that replace piston rings every 6 hours? :)

And how many of them even have reeds to replace every top end interval? Not many Im betting.

If you think they need more maintenence, then just tell us what needs to be done more often!!

Ummm, rm boy, did you bump your head?

I tore my top end apart after two years of riding because I figured that it might need some tlc. Boy, did I feel stupid. Everything looked new and mic.ed to new specs. I put it back together with new rings just for kicks. It didn't run any different. 4 strokes rule! :)


I have almost 500 posts. Most of that was info and advice. I am not a troll.

Yamafreak, you never read my response to your post in the "do your buddies bash the thumper" thread did you?

Dont have the balls to ride one? I dont have the cash to ride one. I paid $2900 for my bike in april. It was all i could afford. 2900 dosent get me a thumper in good condition. If i had the cash i would love to get a thumper.

I never said two-strokes are better. I just said why i ride one. Yamafreak, did i say in that post that 2-strokes were better?

I see no one checks out the CRF forum. If you read eric's post a few weeks ago you would know what i was talking about.

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