Reason For Buying A 4-Stroke

ahhhhhhhhhh sh*t.

I mis-read eric's post.

His post stated that late model high performance four-strokes are nowhere near no maintinence. I guess i saw that somewhere else. oooooops, my bad. :)

Anyway Boys... Back to the topic at hand...

What caused me to consider and then buy a YZ-426 rather then stay with the 2-Smoke?

Ya I heard all the "Hipe" over the Yami 4-Strokes and didn't believe any of it! Then I test rode a 426 at the local MX track and compaired it with my KILLER CR-500 in every aspect. Here is one mans test results

*Power Delivery Yamaha

*Handling Yamaha

*Suspension Yamaha

*Braking Yamaha

*Lap Times Yamaha

*Ergonomics Yamaha

*Less Weight Yamaha

*Easyer to Ride Yamaha

*Brute Power that is

very uncontrolable Honda CR-500

That next weekend my riding partner and I went to China Hat and rode all of our hot spots with our 2-Smokes (My CR-500 & His IT-490). While we were taking a break (OK...I fell off) a group of about 6 Yami THUMPERS blasted through. If there was ever a case of bike envy it was then. When the dust had settled we looked at each other and at the same time said "WE HAVE GOT TO GET US ONE OF THOSE". Well... He is the proud owner of a WR-400 & I've got a YZ-426. We both agree that thay are the best bikes we've have ever had

Up till now I've always had 2-Smokes, CR-500, YZ-490, IT-465, YZ-400, MX-250, Bultaco 125, MX-125. However... Not for "ALL" of them would I be willing to trade for my 426 "THUMPER". It's that good.

By all means, don't take my word for it. Go test ride one for yourself. You'll never look back!


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