'03 450F Please look at!

Im looking at buying an '03 YZF450, and was wondering if it would be a good investment, or should I go with the crf. I would really like the yami, but if it will blow up on me, I don't want that.

Why would it blow up on you?

As far as I know the new hondas have more motor and valve problems than yamaha ever has? I would go for it, its a good bike!!

Of all the things that I have heard on the 03 450 YZF.......blowing up is not one of them

Mine hasn't blown up yet either. I've been riding the piss out of it since sep '02. :thumbsup:

well i don't mean literally "blow up", its a thing we say around eden that means that it is broken or busted, sorry for the confusion. I just wanted to know if it would break on me, like any problems in the manufacturing.

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