Yz 426 Won't Start, PLEASE Help!

I worked on my 2000 yz 426, I installed a White Brothers E-series pipe, and new Chain and sprockets, went from a stock 14/49 to a 13/50. I changed the oil and oil filter before riding and noticed some metal shavings in the filter, not too big of a deal, small shavings. Well my new pipe has been billowing out blue smoke when I reach around 7000 rpm. I powerwashed the bike and now my exhaust cam is stuck open and I can't get the bike to start and I don't know how to shut the cam and I was curious about the smoke. Please help, THANK YOU soo much everyone in advance.

ok..I assume you mean exhaust valve. How did you reach this conclusion? Check the adjustment on the decompression cable. You may have unintentionally done something to it when changing the pipe. As for the smoke, that doesnt sound good. Using much oil?

I'd suggest u do a leakdown test

How did it run before(any smoke)? When ya say it won't start and your talking about your exhaust valve is sticking open. I'm assuming you don't have compression, if this is the case mine did this a few weeks ago i finally pulled the tank and the plug and kicked it through about 20 times slapped a new plug in her and it popped right off.

How long has it been since you checked the valves? If your getting blue smoke your probably getting some blow by, like was said you should do a leakdown test. Not to sound like a smart ass(because i've seen people do this)how much oil did you put in, should only be a little over one and a half qts.

It didn't run any smoke before, I'm thinking maybe I need a new set of rings. And as for it not starting, yes, it is he exhaust valve and I say that because I didn't have compression and I think that the cam is screwy that controls my valves. Thanks for the help but I needed to have a little work done on it, I think I'm just going to cave and pay the labor charge at the dealer, thanks everyone!

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